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Subsidies →
Funding is usually earmarked for a specific purpose. If funding is used improperly, i.e. for other purposes, or even misappropriated, you can report it here. 
Procurement →
If tenders are not awarded to the best bidder, serious economic damage can result. In many cases, incorrect procurement decisions not only lead to unlawful discrimination of bidding companies, but also inflict direct economic damage on the procuring organisation.
Academic integrity →
The correct application of scientific methods is indispensable for scientific activity. In order to maintain trust in the honesty of academic work, universities, as important sites of science, must point out malpractices and consistently prevent negative developments.
Data protection, protection of business secrets, data and system security →
Concerns breaches of regulations on the protection of personal data such as the GDPR, breaches of regulations on the protection of trade and business secrets as well as lack of data and system security. This includes, in particular, cases involving a large number of data or sensitive personal data. For example: 
  •     the improper use of personal data
  •     the unlawful disclosure of trade and business secrets
  •     the inadequate protection of internal computer networks
Environmental protection, radiation protection and health →
Here you can report health hazards as well as environmental offences and other environmental damage. For example: 
  •     illegal waste disposal
  •     improper handling of radioactive substances
  •     water, soil or air pollution
Interference with the organisation's property →
Damage to and unjust enrichment of the organisation's assets can be reported here, especially property offences such as theft, embezzlement or misappropriation. For example: 
  • theft of university property
  • embezzlement of funds of the organisation
  • private use of work materials 
Conflicts of interest →
In conflicts of interest, there is a risk that individuals/organisations are motivated by interests that run counter to their duties, so that decision-making processes are corrupted. Thus, personal interests of employees that appear incompatible with the organisation's interest in unbiased decision-making take on particular importance.
Manipulation of business documents/balance sheets →
This refers in particular to infringements of applicable accounting regulations or the principles of proper accounting, that lead to an inaccurate presentation in the organisation's financial reporting. For example: improper preparation or falsification of invoices, credit notes, financial statements, audit reports, etc. 
Antitrust and competition law →
Violations of antitrust and competition law regulations adversely affect effective competition and thus the functioning of markets. An anti-competitive situation exists, for example, in the case of secret agreements or an exchange of competition-relevant information between a company and its competitors.
Code of conduct at the workplace →
Violations of the principles of conduct at the workplace that result in unacceptable, undue working conditions can be reported here, e.g. improper behaviour such as: 
  • discrimination
  • mobbing
  • unequal treatment
  • harassment
  • disrespectful treatment
  • working time violations
Miscellaneous →
Of course, deficiencies in other subject areas also run counter to the interests of the organisation. Should you have sufficient reason to believe that such irregularities exist, you can report them here.